How to get third party technical support for your Log-On Technologies cloud environment

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This article explains how to establish a remote support session with a third party – i.e. Microsoft Office 365 support, QuickBooks support, tax software support, accounting software support, etc. – when they send you a link to either install a remote support app or launch a remote support session via your Internet web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, etc.).

  • ¬†First, do NOT try to launch the link or install the app on the cloud server/evnironment session.¬† You want to launch the link or install the app on your own computer/desktop.
  • Once you’ve launched the link or installed the app on your own desktop, remote into the cloud environment like normal and the remote support rep should be able to see your cloud desktop and provide the necessary support.
  • If this does not work, contact Log-On Technologies support by visiting and opening a support ticket for assistance.


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