NextCloud or OwnCloud external SMB/CIFS mounts stop working

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Sometimes external SMB/CIFS mounts stop mounting within NextCloud or OwnCloud.  When this happens you want to check the basics first of course.  Make sure that the username, password, domain, share haven’t changed.  If all checks out then the issue may be an SMB client compatibility issue.  To check and/or resolve this issue you can do the following:

  •  Access the smb.conf file located at /etc/samba
  • Find the [GLOBAL] section and add the following lines to the file then save the file:
    • client min protocol = SMB2
    • client max protocol = SMB3
  • You may either restart the server or restart SMB using the following commands:
    • systemctl restart smb
    • systemctl restart nmd

If you require more details please refer to ‘man smb.conf’.



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