Things to try before calling support

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There are things to try before contacting support.  Going through these steps may save you time and money.

  •  Restart the system that’s experiencing problems.  If there are multiple systems like a workstation and a printer, try restarting both to see if a restart resolves the issue.
  • Ensure you have the latest updates.  Depending on the problem you’re experiencing, this could mean:  Windows updates, the latest drivers, the latest firmware, app version upgrades, etc.  Having the latest in place ensures that you’re not fighting a known issue.  Known issues are usually resolved in newer releases of software.  Of course, ALWAYS backup your data and anything else that’s critical BEFORE attempting to apply updates and/or upgrades.
  • If the problem you’re encountering is with a hosted solution, you may consider calling the company providing the service.  Many times they will provide you with FREE technical support.  They also have a vast knowledge base of known issues with solutions for their product and/or services.
  • If the issue you’re experiencing is with a shared service or software, determine if anyone else is having a problem. This will help narrow down potential causes.
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