Unable to print from remote desktop environment

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Not being able to print from a remote desktop environment, like a Terminal Server or Remote Desktop Server, is usually attributed to having outdated or incorrect drivers on the workstation.

When this issue presents itself, please visit the manufacturer for the printer being used to download and install the latest driver for your specific printer.  You’ll need to ensure that the driver being downloaded is (1) compatible and designed for your specific operating system, i.e. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, etc. and (2) you’ll need to ensure that the driver downloaded matches the bits of your system.  Some systems are 32bit while others are 64bit.  If you have trouble identifying the correct driver you may contact the manufacturer’s support line to have them guide you to the appropriate page for your specific download.

If you’re still unable to print from the remote desktop environment after updating the printer driver to the latest and correct version, if not already done, please submit a service request by visiting https://service.logontek.com .


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